Soviet Lemonade Labels

A friend sent me this link to old Soviet lemonade labels. Very nostalgic. The one on the left was called “Buratino” and it was one of my favorite lemonades when I was a kid in Soviet Moscow.

Buratino by the way is a Soviet version of Pinocchio. In the Soviet Union’s version of events, Buratino aka Pinocchio did not become a real boy at the end. Instead he broke the chains of oppression, kicked out an evil owner of the puppet theater and formed a liberated puppets collective who were running thier own show on a communal basis.

In some ways I prefer Soviet version of the story becasue it assumes that you are what you are and should try to make the best out of it. The traditional fair tales’ bend on trying to become something different (i.e a princess or a “real” boy) smacks of desperation.

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