Minipops by Craig Robinson.

mp_richieCraig Robinson’s Minipops, i.e. his depictions of famous people drawn very small, have been around for a while and they developed somewhat of a cult following.

Indeed, the resemblances are uncanny and in some cases the drawings are very realistic. Take for example a famouse techno DJ and producer Plastikman a.k.a. Ritchie Hawtin. Last time when I saw him playing in Tokyo, he looked exactly like Craig Robison’s minipop above from where I was: very far from the stage.

Check more minipops below, can you guess who are they?

P.S. Where is Putin’s minipop?


2 responses to Minipops by Craig Robinson.

  1. bentoenterprises

    People keep telling me, I look like Ritchie Hawtin. Agree? Anyway, nice to see you are writing a blog. Keep up the good work! Bento

  2. ipoupyrev – Author

    Yep, that is true, that means that you can use Ritchie Hawtin minipop as your own!

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