12Pixels is released by SonyStyle.

12pixels_logo12Pixels, which is one of my research projects, has been released by Sony Style Japan as mobile phone service. It can be accessed  here.

What is 12Pixels? 12Pixels is an interface, mobile phone application, and web service that allows people to draw and share images using only the keys of a standard mobile phone. In Sony Style release the images drawn by the users can be saved on the mobile phone, used as a wall papers, converted into custom emoticons and even sent to partner company to be made into crystal stone fashion accessories. Sony Style is not allowed to write it, but it uses Swarovski lime stones.

This release also includes some of the the sample content drawn with 12Pixels application  by one of my favorite design collective Dai Nippon Type.

  • SonyStyle 12Pixels service can be accessed here.
  • SonyStyle press release (in Japanese) can be accessed here.
  • The real-time gallery of drawings created by the 12Pixels users is here.
  • The original 12Pixel project page is here.
  • My personal research page on 12Pixels is here.
  • The QR code for downloading 12Pixels is below:


And these are some of the drawings made using 12Pixels:

dsc00227 dsc002461cat1


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