iPhone market share is less then 1%.

According to recent market study by Gartner the market share of iPhone in 2008 was 0.9%. Apple Watch writes about it in details.

I am interested in this because a typical comment to 12Pixels project is “why do not you make drawing application for iPhone?”  or something along those lines. There are several reasons why we have not done it, but small market share of iPhone is one of them. Particularly in Japan iPhone has been significantly less popular then regular phones due to entrenched “keitai” culture here that is very different from what iPhone offers. A friend of mine who releases applications for iPhone noted once:  “If you want to make money do not bother with iPhone”. He talked about Japanese market, of course.

Therefore, when regular mobile phone makers get their act together and put up something like an AppStore for regular soupbar mobile phone, would  then developers abandon iPhone and move on traditional phones since market for regular phones is 100 times bigger?

Respond to iPhone market share is less then 1%.

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