A lot of things to do at CHI 2009 in Boston!

chi-bannerI will be attending CHI 2009 conference at Boston and there will be a lot of things to do.

First of all, I am a co-organizer of 2-day workshop “Programming Reality: From Transitive Materials to Organic User Interfaces” together with  Roel Vertegaal (University of Qunees),  Marcelo Coelho and Sajid Sadi (both from MIT Media Lab). The main theme of the workshop is the role of new materials, oprganic electronics, shape-shifting displays, nano-manufacturing, robotics and other emerging technologies in designing future user interfaces. The information on the workshop can be found here and a list of the accepted papers is here.

Besides workshop, I will be teaching a course “3D User Interfaces: Design, Implementation, Usability” together with Joseph LaViola (University of Central Florida),  Ernst Kruijff (Graz University of Technology),  Doug Bowman (Virginia Tech) and Wolfgang Stuerzlinger (York University). This is an updated version of the course that we taught at CHI last year.

Finally, I am co-organizing a panel discussion “Eek! A Mouse! Organic User Interfaces: Tangible, Transitive Materials and Programmable Reality with panelists including developer of programmable matter Seth Goldstein (CMU),  Hiroshi Ishii (MIT Media Lab), magnetic fluid artist Sachiko Kodama (University of Electro-Communications), Pattie Maes (MIT Media Lab) and Jun Rekimoto (Sony CSL / Tokyo University).  This is going to be a very interesting panel with people from diverse backgrounds working on exciting projects.

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