Talking about Programmable Reality in Europe.

codedcultureIn the end of May I went to Europe to give several invited talks on the topic of Programmable Reality.

First, on May 31 I gave a talk at Coded Culture festival in Viena, Austria (abstract is here). Coded Cultures is a bi-national Austria-Japan festival and a part of the Austria – Japan Year 2009. It introduced work of artists, curators and scientists from Japan and Austria featuring projects that lay on the intersections of the art, technology, science and entertainment.

There was a lot interesting projects and I was in particular interested in MOIDS – a sound sculpture built out of small electronic blocks.  It produced very pleasant sound and I have not see it before. Overall, the festival was great: the content was interesting and organization was superb.

epflAfter Vienna I continued to Lausanne, Switzerland where I was invited to give a keynote speech at the Research Day of Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) – a major European research institution. The theme for this year was “Invisible Computing: Novel Interfaces to Digital Environments” and other keynote speakers were Dr. Chia Shen from Harvard University, who was talking about projects on multi-touch surfaces, and Prof. Richard Harper from Microsoft Research / Cambridge, who was talking about smart home environments.

For the talk at EPFL, I actually compleately re-wamped the talk that I gave in Vienna, so I think it was much better.

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