12 Pixels Color is released in Japan!


A new version of 12Pixels has  been released in Japan by Sony Marketing on Sony web site. This new version, named 12Pixels Color,  incorporated a lot of changes and improvements that resulted from observing how people were using the first version. Some of these improvements include: allowing to draw with color (obviously, hence the name!), simplifying interface for drawing emoticons, improving help and adding a lot of traditional social web features, such as ranking and commenting.

This release has been done in collaboration with Sony artist, musician and TV personality Neeko (ニーコ) who provided her original content and encouraged people to re-mix it and post on 12Pixels web site. She visited us in Sony CSL the other day.


12Pixels stays free and the goal of the project stays the same: to explore how people can be creative with traditional mobile phones. For more information please check links below:

  • 12Pixels Color is here;
  • Neeko 12Pixels page with her profile and drawings is here;
  • Research page that explains what 12Pixels is all about is here.

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