TEI 2010 Conference in MIT Media Lab.

On  January 25 – 27 I attended TEI 2010 Conference that took place in MIT Media Lab in Boston. “TEI” stands for “Tangible and Embedded Interaction” and the conference covers tangible interfaces, physical computing, etc. I was involved in the TEI Graduate Student Consortium (GSC).

GSC is a part of the conference where graduate students from all over the world can submit their research projects and then, when they come to the conference, they are supposed to discuss it with “mentors”, e.g. more experienced researchers from academia and industry. I was one of those mentors and was supposed to guide students by giving them some profound, live-altering advices. I am not sure if that worked out very well, but it was an interesting experience.

The main TEI conference took place in the new MIT Media Lab building which was very impressive. What was even more impressive is that it was completed right in the middle of this giant financial crisis gripping the entire world.

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