Presenting at CHI 2011 Conference.

We presented several new projects from Interaction Group, Disney Research, Pittsburgh at CHI 2011 conference on May 7-12 in Vancouver, Canada:

  • MotionBeam project explores the use of hand-held projectors as a new gaming platform and proposes a set of interaction design principles that could be used to build effective mobile projector games. A full paper describing Motion Beam project can be downloaded from here.
  • TactileBrush project is a part of broader research direction focused on creating high-resolution tactile displays using low-resolution arrays of tactile actuators. We investigate and exploit a number of tactile illusions to “fill” the space in-between actuators. A full paper can be accessed here.
  • TeslaTouch was presented in demonstration section of the conference, where we showed a design of tactile display for blind based on TeslaTouch.

I will describe each project in more details in later posts.

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