MotionBeam project.

The MotionBeam project explores interaction with virtual projected characters. It was created in Interaction Group in Disney Research, Pittsburgh.

We instrumented a small handheld projector with motion sensors and developed a range of interaction principles that allow users to control virtual projected characters by gesturing with the projection device. To guide the design of these principles we have drawn from techniques used by artists in 2D animation and comic art, such as shown below. We then developed a number of projection games, such as racing and treasure hunt, that demonstrated feasibility of these techniques.

In the future we see MotionBeam as a key component in the new ‘game projector’ platforms, where the real world becomes a playground and users interact directly with each other and the environment using small yet powerful mobile devices with embedded pico projectors.

MotionBeam was developed at Disney Research Pittsburgh by Karl Willis, Takaaki Shiratori and myself. A full paper on this project was presented at the ACM CHI 2011 conference. Here you can download both paper and video describing MotionBeam design and applications.

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