Surround Haptics at SIGGRAPH 2011.

Surround Haptics project was accepted for SIGGRAPH 2011 Emerging Technologies exhibition in Vancouver, August 7 to 11 2011. The title of our SIGGRAPH exhibition is “Surround Haptics: Sending Shivers Down Your Spine” [PDF].

We use Surround Haptics technology to create an immersive, videotactile gaming environments that delivers detailed tactile sensations tightly synchronized with in-game events. A high-intensity driving game “Split/Second” was enhanced with tactile sensations for collisions, road imperfections, tire traction, acceleration and braking, car damage, etc. BlackRock Studio, the developer of the game and one of the Disney in-house game studios, collaborated with us on this project.

We designed a modular tactile platform that consists of a custom plywood chair, specifically designed for tactile feedback applications,  softpads with an embedded tactile grid, and a wireless controller implementing Surround Haptifcs algorithm. A tactile chair was designed and produced by Prof. Mark Baskinger, Jason May, Natalia Oblonsky and Luke Martin, all from School of Design, CMU.

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