REVEL Project.

REVEL is a new wearable technology that modifies the user tactile perception of the physical world.

Current tactile technologies enhance objects and devices with various tactile devices, limiting the experience to the interaction with few instrumented devices. In contrast, REVEL can add artificial tactile sensations to almost any surface or object, with very little instrumentation of the environment. As a result, it can provide dynamic tactile sensations on a variety of everyday objects, such as furniture, walls, wooden and plastic toys, and even human skin.

REVEL is based on a principle of  “Reverse Electrovibration”. It is a small wearable device that injects weak electrical signal into anywhere on the user’s body, creating an oscillating electrical field around the user’s fingers. When sliding his or her fingers on a surface of the object, the user perceives highly distinctive tactile textures that augment the physical object. Varying the properties of the signal, such as the shape, amplitude and frequency, can provide a wide range of effective  tactile sensations.

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