About Me

I am a Senior Research Scientist in Disney Research Pittsburgh which is a unit of Walt Disney Imagineering. I am directing a small interaction design and technology group focusing on creating technologies that would enable new exciting user experiences. Hopefully, our work will be used in various Walt Disney businesses.

Before joining Disney I spent about 9 year living in Tokyo working as a Research Scientist in Sony Computer Science Labs. The essence of my work was pretty much the same as it is now: inventing new user interface technologies for future consumer electronic devices and emerging life styles. See my official web site for more information on projects, products and publications.

I am fascinated by increasingly mixed world of physical and digital artifacts that we are living in. I think it is great and I want to push it further by developing tactile and haptic interfaces, shape-changing devices, flexible computers, programmable matter, new sensing technology for smart objects and embodied interfaces, implantable computers, augmented reality and cyberspace everywhere.

On a personal level I am interested in interactive and electronic music, synthesizers, pixel art, computer graphics, rocket science, gadgets, computer games, toys and characters, fancy furniture and blinking LEDs.

I like to talk and I had talked at conferences, festivals, invited lectures, seminars, job interviews, gallery openings, as well as in bars and pubs worldwide. I published articles and books, was on TV with stars, was interviewed in newspapers, fashion and design magazines.

I got my research commercialized and released on the mass market in various Sony products.

This is my semi-official work blog where I semi-regularly post news on our projects and research. Please, feel free to drop me a line and I will try to get back to you.