Making into "Best of 2013" lists this year.

Fast Company

The end of the year is the time when various blogs and news sources are compiling the "The Best of 2013" lists. This year my projects were featured in two of such lists.

First, Fast Company included AIREAL and Ishin-Denshin into their "The 17 Most Amazing Interfaces of The Year" list. Second, Creative Applications included AIREAL into the list of "10 Best and Most Memorable Projects of 2013." I am glad that our work got noticed.

Re-starting after a Year of Procrastination.

My last post here was more then a year ago after SIGGRAPH 2012. This is long time ago and a lot of things has happened since then: projects were started and finished, papers published, demonstrations demonstrated and various media wrote about my work. I have been planning to put it all here, while using mostly my twitter feed for updates. More then a year has passed and the backlog of material to share has became so large that it has became clear to me that I should just forget about documenting it all and re-start everything here and now. I am still hoping to post some of the most notable events that took place from 2012, but that would be done in spare time and will be clearly indicated as something that happened between 2012 and 2013.  So here we go, lets see how long it will last this time.

Botanicus Interacticus and REVEL at SIGGRAPH 2012.

We presented a technical paper on REVEL project at SIGGRAPH 2012 conference in Los Angeles in August 2012. Full text of the paper co-authored by Olivier Bau and myself can be downloaded here: PDF. In addition to the paper, Botanicus Interacticus and REVEL projects were demonstrated at SIGGRAPH 2013 Emerging Technology exhibition.

The Botanicus Interacticus installation explored the design of augmented interactive plants with Touché technology. The exhibition was designed in collaboration with Berlin-based Studio NAND as well as Philipp Schoessler, TheGreenEyl and Christian Riekoff. The video of the Botanicus Interacticus installation is above and more information is provided on the project web site → link.


Botanicus Interacticus interactive plants were augmented with dynamic procedurally generated visuals. Each plant installation included a custom designed and manufactured cabinet with an LCD monitor behind the half-transparent mirror. The mirror reflected the plants and the reflections were augmented with the digital images generated on the monitor behind the mirror.




The REVEL installation featured table with multiple objects augmented with dynamic tactile feedback generated using REVEL technology. Simply by placing the objects on the table, tactile sensations were added to them. In addition, the images projected on the table would have tactile feelings as well.

REVEL Exhibition

Emering Technology

The visitors would have to hold a stick that would connect their body to common ground and activate tactile sensations.

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