Botanicus Interacticus and REVEL at SIGGRAPH 2012.

We presented a technical paper on REVEL project at SIGGRAPH 2012 conference in Los Angeles in August 2012. Full text of the paper co-authored by Olivier Bau and myself can be downloaded here: PDF. In addition to the paper, Botanicus Interacticus and REVEL projects were demonstrated at SIGGRAPH 2013 Emerging Technology exhibition.

The Botanicus Interacticus installation explored the design of augmented interactive plants with Touché technology. The exhibition was designed in collaboration with Berlin-based Studio NAND as well as Philipp Schoessler, TheGreenEyl and Christian Riekoff. The video of the Botanicus Interacticus installation is above and more information is provided on the project web site → link.


Botanicus Interacticus interactive plants were augmented with dynamic procedurally generated visuals. Each plant installation included a custom designed and manufactured cabinet with an LCD monitor behind the half-transparent mirror. The mirror reflected the plants and the reflections were augmented with the digital images generated on the monitor behind the mirror.




The REVEL installation featured table with multiple objects augmented with dynamic tactile feedback generated using REVEL technology. Simply by placing the objects on the table, tactile sensations were added to them. In addition, the images projected on the table would have tactile feelings as well.

REVEL Exhibition

Emering Technology

The visitors would have to hold a stick that would connect their body to common ground and activate tactile sensations.

Media on Surround Haptics exhibition.

We got a lot of interest from visitors and great feedback from media on our SIGGRAPH demonstration of Surround Haptics project. Just before the SIGGRAPH a New Scientist TV published our a concept demo video and then  CMU press-release was published before the conference.

At the conference a few web publications wrote about us, including Fast Company magazine blog, gaming site Kotaku, MSNBC, TechNewsDaily, Orlando Sentinel and highly respected technology zines such as Engadget and Register to name a few. Internationally Jerusalem Post, Times of India and La Repubblica in Italy wrote about Surround Haptics SIGGRAPH exhibition. All together it was a very busy week in Vancouver!

Radio interviews on Surround Haptics.

Several national and local radio stations talked to me about Surround Hapics project that we presented at the Siggraph 2011 Emerging Technology exhibition.

Voice of America “Science World” with Rick Pantaleo ran a substantial interview about our technology. I also talked briefly with Marketplace Tech Report from American Public Media and, finally, one of the oldest radio stations in Pittsburgh KQV (stands for “Kings of Quaker Valley”) asked few questions about Surround Haptics. Links to interviews are below:

  • Voice of America >>
  • Market Place Tech Report / American Public Media (after 3 min mark) >>
  • KQV >>

Surround Haptics at SIGGRAPH 2011.

Surround Haptics project was accepted for SIGGRAPH 2011 Emerging Technologies exhibition in Vancouver, August 7 to 11 2011. The title of our SIGGRAPH exhibition is “Surround Haptics: Sending Shivers Down Your Spine” [PDF].

We use Surround Haptics technology to create an immersive, videotactile gaming environments that delivers detailed tactile sensations tightly synchronized with in-game events. A high-intensity driving game “Split/Second” was enhanced with tactile sensations for collisions, road imperfections, tire traction, acceleration and braking, car damage, etc. BlackRock Studio, the developer of the game and one of the Disney in-house game studios, collaborated with us on this project.

We designed a modular tactile platform that consists of a custom plywood chair, specifically designed for tactile feedback applications,  softpads with an embedded tactile grid, and a wireless controller implementing Surround Haptifcs algorithm. A tactile chair was designed and produced by Prof. Mark Baskinger, Jason May, Natalia Oblonsky and Luke Martin, all from School of Design, CMU.

Exhibiting TeslaTouch at SID 2011.

We exhibited TeslaTouch at SID 2011 conference and exhibition in Los Angeles with a proper Disney Research booth, were wearing Disney Research polo shirts and gave away Disney Research pens for visitors. Everything was very professional and the reception of TeslaTouch was excellent as usual.

Here we are: me, Olivier Bau and Roberto Aiello are getting ready for the show time.

Showing TeslaTouch at CES 2011.

We just came back from CES 2011 where we demonstrated TeslaTouch project.

We did not have a booth at the main venue, but instead rented a suit in Hard Rock Hotel and run an intense, 3-days, by-appointment-only series of meetings with some of the major companies in mobile electronics and communication business.

Despite our rather informal, under-radar presence at CES, the Orlando Sentinel run an article reporting Disney participation at CES 2011!

The photo below was taken by the reporter of, one of the most popular Chineese technology blogs. They wrote a very nice and amazingly detailed article about TeslaTouch and our CES demonstration.

12Pixels exhibition at AXIS gallery.


12Pixels project will be exhibited at AXIS gallery in Roppongi on March 27 – 31, 2009 as a part of the exhibition KANSEI x TSUKUBA x DESIGN.

The exhibition will showcase art and design projects from the University of Tsukuba, which has famous art and design school, for example Iwai Toshio is one of the media artists who graduated from Tsukuba Daigaku.

12Pixels will be shown as one of the projects developed by Karl Willis, who is a co-developer of 12Pixels. The opening reception, talks and performances will take place on March 28.

The full booklet of the exhibition can be downloaded from here.

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