Making into "Best of 2013" lists this year.

Fast Company

The end of the year is the time when various blogs and news sources are compiling the "The Best of 2013" lists. This year my projects were featured in two of such lists.

First, Fast Company included AIREAL and Ishin-Denshin into their "The 17 Most Amazing Interfaces of The Year" list. Second, Creative Applications included AIREAL into the list of "10 Best and Most Memorable Projects of 2013." I am glad that our work got noticed.

Media is excited about Touché!

There was a lot of excitement in media in relation to Touché project.

Gizmodo called it “… mindblowing“,  a ” … touch of genius” wrote Motley Fool  and Venture Beat found it to be ” … amazing“. TIME, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Forbes, Fox News, WiredNew Scientist and many others ran excited articles about Touché.

One of the most detailed stories was written by Talking Points Memo, where writer had a long chat with me about the project, history and how it came about. One of my favorite articles was published in London METRO, complete with a drawing of Mickey Mouse doing his magic.

Very nice reception all around.

SideBySide in the news.

Following presentation at the UIST 2011 conference, SideBySide project was featured in a broad range of on-line media including Wired, New Scientist, Engadget, Gizmodo, Technology Review and many others.

Design-related on-line resources such as Creative Applications and PAGE magazine in Germany, also run stories about the project.

Internationally Monogocoro in Japan and Membrana in Russia wrote about SideBySide as well as our own local Pittsburgh news site Pop-city Media posted a lovely article about our work.

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