12Pixels paper gets an award at Pervasive 2010.

A paper on 12Pixels project was presented at Pervasive 2010 Conference in Helsinki.

A title of the paper was “12Pixels: Exploring Social Drawing on Mobile Phones” and the entire paper can be downloaded from here.

The paper was presented in Helsinki by Karl Willis and he did an excellent job presenting it. In fact he received a Best Presentation Award! Unfortunately, I had to stay in Pittsburgh and could not attend the conference and see his presentation.

12Pixels in Tokyo Interactive Ad Awards!

12Pixels was awarded a Bronze Prize in the application category of Tokyo Interactive Ad Awards! Tokyo Interactive Ad Awards is a prestigious design competition for digital media advertisement in Japan. 12Pixels got an award both for the web site and for it’s promotion campaign developed by Imaginative Inc.

The idea of promotion was to let people to produce their own physical accessories by drawing them with 12Pixels first and then submitting for production. It was cute. A full list of awards can be found here.

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