Seung-Chan Kim and Chris Ioffreda joined Interaction Group.

Seung-Chan Kim and Chris Ioffreda joined Interaction Group at Disney Research Pittsburgh.

Sung-Chan Kim is a Ph.D. student in Telerobotics and Control Laboratory in Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) located in Daejeon, South Korea. His interests are design and development of tactile and haptics user interfaces. He received a grant from National Research Foundation of Korea to do an internship abroad and will stay with us for about 9 months.

Chris Ioffreda is an undergraduate student in CMU School of Design studying under supervision of Prof. Mark Baskinger. His main interests are in everything that is related to what people wear, e.g clothes and accessories. He joined our group as a lab associate and will stay with us until the end of the year or longer.

Munehiko Sato joined Interaction Group.

Munehiko Sato has joined Interaction Group at Disney Research Pittsburgh as a lab associate a.k.a. intern student. He will stay with us for at least six months working on sensor related projects.

Munehiko is a Ph.D. student at Tokyo University where he investigates the design and use of very large-scale and irregular displays. His latest and most impressive project is Constellation of Departure, which is a massive irregular display on a ceiling of Haneda Airport in Tokyo. It shows life-sized planes flying over to their destinations. It got a bunch of awards and you can check a video here.

Emi Tamaki joins Interaction Group.

Emi Tamaki has joined Interaction Group in DRP as an intern.

Emi is a Ph.D. student in Tokyo University in Jun Rekimoto’s laboratory, who is also my previous boss at Sony. She is working on various interaction technologies which seem to be centered on human hand; a recent example of her work is a system that allows to control human hand remotely by applying weak electrical stimuli to muscles in the arm.

Jonas Loh joins Interaction Group.

Jonas Loh

Jonas Loh joined Interaction Group at Disney Research Pittsburgh as a summer intern. Jonas is a second year Master student at Royal College of Art (RCA) in London at the Design Interactions course.

RCA has a unique design philosophy that is quite different from the approach that we usually take in traditional HCI research. As part of his study in RCA he designed such unusual interactive machines, as a smoke display indicating your emotional state, pictured above, personalized sausage-making machine as well as other paradoxical devices and objects.

Daniel Leithinger joins Interaction Group.

Daniel Leithinger has joined Interaction Group at DRP until the end of summer.

Daniel has just started his Ph.D. at MIT Media Lab in Tangible Media group. I quite liked his Master graduation project Relief which falls into the same broad category of deformable interactive surfaces as Lumen that I built few years ago when I was at Sony.

Relief takes a rather unique approach to designing and interacting with such surfaces and the results look quite good. The project was demonstrated at ARS Electronica this year.

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