Talking at FITC 2012 in Toronto.

At the end of April 2012 I was invited to give a talk and participate in a panel at FITC 2012 festival in Toronto.

FITC stands for “Future. Innovation. Technology. Creativity” and it included a range of speakers mostly from film, web design and advertisement background with some interactive work also being presented. It was great experience, I really enjoyed it.

Keynotes at Haptics and 3DUI Symposiums.

In early March I had two keynote talks at academic symposiums scheduled back to back.

March 4, 2012 I gave a keynote address at IEEE Symposium on 3D User Interfaces. It was nice to talk there. I was one of the early folks in the middle of 90s who formulated the 3DUI as a proper research field, did my Ph.D. on this topic and co-authored a book which is still the only proper academic reference on 3D UI. I was quite impressed that there was a significant number of people attending the symposium, so there interest in the field is stable.

The next day on March 5th, 2012 I was talking at Special Session on Human Computer Interaction at Haptic Symposium 2012 in Vancouver. The other two speakers were Desney Tan from Microsoft Research and Patrick Baudisch from University of Potstdam, Germany. It was a great, very exciting session.

Invited Talk at TT/Vanguard Conference.

In early December 2011 I gave an invited talk at TTI/Vanguard Conference series in Miami. The theme of that specific conference was Nextgens Technologies.

TTI/Vanguard is an interesting invitation-only, private conference series that describes itself as

… unique forums for senior-level executives … that are part classroom, part think-tank, and part laboratory, [where] our members — corporate and government leaders, entrepreneurs, researchers, and academics — explore emerging and potentially disruptive technologies to assess their impact on organizations, policy, and society.”

The Advisory Board for the conference includes such technology luminaries as Alan Kay and Nicholas Negroponte.

Talking at CIID, Copenhagen.

I stopped in Copenhagen on my way back to the US and gave a talk at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID) on invitation from David Gauthier who is currently a faculty there and Amanda Parkes, who was teaching a summer course there.

CIID was great and very focused interaction design school, I was impressed by students and overall set up there. Students seemed to be impressed by TeslaTouch. And Copenhagen was a lot of  fun.

Talking in Britannica, Moscow.

While visiting Russia I gave a talk in British Higher School of Art and Design in Moscow, or simply Britannica. The school was around since 2003, it felt very modern and comparable to many of the international design school that I had visited in Europe and the US.

Talking about my work publicly in Moscow and in Russian was enjoyable yet challenging experience: I have not done for more then 15 years!  Students were smart, motivated and asked a lot of questions, so overall it was a really good experience.

And big thanks to Timofey Tararin for taking these photos.

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